justice scales by johnwilliamsphd“If people were kinder there would be more justice in the world” I believe that this is true, and if people were kinder there would be less crime and a better future where technology would be further developed and A.I. was never invented because scientists realized it could end the human race, Drugs and Smoking made illegal in all countries of the world, less pollution, teleporting pads, a cure for every disease and no payments whatsoever (no taxes no mortgage or prices on any thing every thing free).

Does a seed have life

There are five aspects of life, if you can yes to each one the plant or animal is a living thing!

  1. can it grow and develop?
  2. can it gather food for itself?
  3. can it use food?
  4. can it reproduce?
  5. Can it react to its surroundings?

Can a seed grow and develop- yes it can or we wouldn’t have trees or crops!

can a seed gather food for itself- yes  a seed can by sprouting roots.

Can a seed use food- yes otherwise the plants wouldn’t grow.

can a seed reproduce- no not while it’s a seed but when it grows it can.

Can a seed react to its surroundings- yes it can or there wouldn’t be any trees or plants.

super powers

Hey just shouting out. If you could have any super power what would it be and why? Below there is a list of powers if I have missed any comment and say so. Winky  commands you 😉 so does the smiley 🙂 and ultra happy man 😀

  1. shape shifting
  2. super strength
  3. super speed
  4. imortality(never dying)
  5. invisibility
  6. heat vision
  7. psychic powers
  8. controling all the elements
  9. time travel
  10. telportation

In the woods

In the woods

The sun shines through the trees, as they wave in the wind, as if saying hello or good-bye. As I sit on a log, a little garder snake slides gracefully past me  it’s black and yellow colors almost jumping off the grass.

Tuesday night I…

pumpkin pukingWas really really sick, I puked 4 times the first was horrible and it was the easiest I blowed enough chunks to cover a school desk! I downed half a ginger ale in hopes of a settled stomach but that sat for 5 minuets before coming back up. I had a graval with a tiny sip of water but that came up in about 2 seconds so my parents decided no food or liquids, but I guess my gut wasn’t done because 10 minuets I puked again, so I had a shower got into some PJ’s and got ready to sit out the night me and my belie had way different plans as I ran to the bathroom for the third time I started to puke, I lasted maybe 30 seconds before getting to the toilet and puking. It tasted alot better going down

I stayed home the next day and watched T.V. all day when there was nothing on I watched star wars 6 return of the Jedi then went to bed for the night.


Image by c.a.muller

Ssssssooooooooo Tired…

Two nights i had an insane tooth ache it kept me up almost all night and theSleepyfact that my parents were playing poker with my uncle didn’t help matter, and on Sunday me my uncle my sis and my parents went on a 10 ½ kilometer walk so you’d think I would be tired, and I was but my tooth kept me up till 12 midnight. Last night I was kept up all night by the fact that my uncle left today, I’m going to miss him and his unearthly ways.         This picture is by sheriff Mitchell


Last Weekend

Last  Friday I got a call from my Uncle Dave, he said he was catching the next ferry to come over. I was overjoyed until my mom said I had to clean my room and sleep on the couch, again.  My Uncle Dave is awesome to be around, he likes to bend the rules, he’s funny and he likes to hang out and play video games. 

On Saturday night my parents went out, so me an Dave watched the hockey game, drank pop and ate pizza.  He fell asleep early so I was in charge, I drank a whole coke just before bed!  Sunday we went for early dinner at The Dynasty Buffet and I never stopped eating.  I had 3 plates of chicken wings, 3 plates of pizza, a huge bowl of icecream and then went back for more wings.  I was sort of looking forward to Monday so I’d get my bed back but Dave decided to stay another day and I was happy he did.  Dave came to my school on Monday to see my sister in the spelling bee.  When I got up Tuesday morning he was already gone, had to catch the early ferry.  But he’ll be back in February for more fun I’m sure.

A windy day at Goose Spit

shadow surfing 2

The weekend before last it was really cold, wet and rainy and my dog Shadow needed a walk badly.  So my parents thought since we’re going to get so wet walking Shadow anyways, we might as well take him to the beach. At first we were going to go to Pt. Holmes but we wanted to fly kites and there were too many power lines along the beach.  So instead we went to Goose Spit.  It was extreme!  Waves as tall as my Uncle Dan who’s 6′ 3″!  They were huge!  Normally my dog loves to swim, you can’t keep him out of the water but today even he was scared.  We threw really big sticks so he could see them but they just washed ashore because he wouldn’t go in the water.  A few times he tried body surfing.  It was so windy a  few of the sticks flew back at us like boomerangs  and we had to take cover.  After that we only threw the biggest sticks we could  pick up so they wouldn’t come back and hit us.  Eventually the dog got so wet, tired and scared we had to leave.  Look inside the red circle and you can just see Shadow’s head.


Image by Brad Johnston