The best time of my life, so far, was when I got to see KISS.  On November 14, 2009 me, my mom, my dad and my uncle went to GM Place.  My parents said we were going to the Planetarium.  I said that I didn’t want to go and they said they would take my sister instead so I said, “Go ahead.”  We were already in the cab and half way to GM Place and I had no clue what was going on.  What really gave it away were the tour buses with the band members faces painted on the sides.  At that point I had a pretty good guess of what was going on.  We were going to see KISS!!!
They played all my favourite KISS songs including: “Shout it out loud, Lick it up, God of thunder, Detroit Rock City and I was made for lovin’ you”.  They played for 2 hours, it was awesome and the pyrotechs were amazing! Flames and sparks going everywhere and Paul Stanley, the lead singer, flew across the stadium on wires like a zip-line.  There were hundreds of people dressed up like their favourite band member.  It was the best time ever!

7 thoughts on “KISS

  1. Tyler, what a spectacular time! I bet your parents loved seeing the look on your face. I have felt the same excitement about going to concerts–the energy is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently!

  2. It was very fun and exiting, not to mention extremely loud, the heat from the pyro-tech was intense by the end of the concert I was over heating. I’m hoping to get a KISS alive 35 necklace for X-mas.

  3. You’re sooo cool! You must like a lot of rock music. If you like music a lot, why not form your own band and be the lead singer of your band?

  4. First I suck at singing Im not good at drums but I can play guitar… Ill give it some thought

  5. Tyler, it was a lot a fun wasn’t it? It was especially fun suprising you, 2 months is a long time for me to keep a secret but it was worth it to see the total look of shock on your face as we drove past GM place and you saw the tour buses.

  6. Reading your post put a huge smile on my face. I love it when parents can keep a secret for so long and end with a surprise. I bet you will remember that feeling of shock for the rest of your life. Hopefully someday you will get to play the same joke of your kids.

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